Mail Forwarding Service

RV Mail Forwarding Service

$99 a Year for Mail Forwarding Service

Our RV mail forwarding service is designed for full-time travelers, namely RVers, needing a physical mailing address for themselves personally, or to use for all kinds of mail under a Montana LLC name.

RV Mail Forwarding Service Overview

You can add full service RV mail forwarding as a stand alone service, or add it onto any registered agent or Vehicle LLC service order. After placing your order:

  • We’ll establish a unique Montana mailing address for you and provide it to you.
  • You can start using this address as yours and update whatever you want to with your new Montana mailing address.
  • As we start getting your mail, we’ll open the letters and scan them into your online account the same day we receive them.
  • We send you an email in real time as we get your Montana Mail.
  • If you want an original sent, we can repackage it and send it wherever you are for $5.00.
  • We store your documents for you, as long as you want. There’s never an additional fee. We have a 7,000 square foot basement. You won’t have to worry about us needing to come up with little ways to charge you more money.
  • You’ll pay $99 a year to start. And a year from placing your original order, we’ll ask you for another $99. You can cancel at any time.

RV mail forwarding is purely a convenience service we offer for full time RV travelers that would like a real physical address to use on things like health insurance, bills, bank accounts, and just regular old mail.

Digital Mail Scanning Included!

Many full-time RV people or business people love this service, because we store your documents on our secure server. We use Amazon, so your documents are always available with one of the best backbones in the US for fast and secure servers. You’ll get the full documents uploaded into your account in real time as they come in. Where this comes in handy for traveling people is you don’t have to maintain an address anywhere or worry about the original mail getting to you. It will be in your account and when you pull into a campground, you can log into your online account and download the documents you want to look at, or wait till you get an email from us telling you that you have a new piece of mail. Your mail will always be there for you in chronological order, and you’ll see which mail you haven’t looked at yet. You can print your mail out if you need to, save it to your computer, or just keep your mail in your account and look at it when you want or need to.

Do I Need to Live in Montana to Use Your Service?

Nope. In fact, most of our clients don’t. They’re too busy traveling around the country to be stuck in just one state. We’re in Montana, and your new mailing address will be a Montana address if you use our service. That’s the only Montana connection you’ll have.

How Much Does a Montana Mailing Address Cost?

We include your Montana mailing address with all Montana vehicle registrations, Montana LLCs, and Montana registered agent service. You do not need to pay us extra if you’re a client. If you’d really like to have all your mail sent to a Montana address up and beyond your Montana LLC papers and DMV plates and registration papers, and insurance needed to register a vehicle in Montana, we have this RV mail forwarding option at $99 a year.

Why Use Our Montana Mail Forwarding Services?

These are the top things people use our Montana Virtual Address service for:

  • Mail with friends and family
  • A permanent address to provide friends and family
  • Important bills while on the road
  • Cell phone bill
  • Bank accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Insurance
  • Drivers Licenses

Can I establish Montana residency with this?

We think you could. But not sure if you’d want to. Montana has personal income tax. We recommend, keeping your drivers license in whatever state you already have it in. Even if you update your address to the Montana virtual mailing address we provide you, you could still provide that to your home state and it’s not like your home state is going to stop letting you have a drivers license there or pay them income tax when you file an income tax return. A common state for RVers is South Dakota to try to get a drivers license. There’s a BIG problem with that though. South Dakota says you need to be in the state 1 day a year. That’s a big problem for a lot of people. Mount Rushmore is really cool, but it’s a long haul to have to get to South Dakota one day a year just to stay legal and not be lying about your residency. Also, states like South Dakota, Texas, and Florida all have corporate income taxes. We recommend a state that is simple and has no personal or corporate income tax like Wyoming. You can use a Wyoming mail forwarding service to establish residency in Wyoming. Wyoming does not have a specific number of days you are required to be in Wyoming to establish “residency”.

How will I get packages?

If you get RV parts, packages, or just want a bunch of mail re-packaged and sent to you. We will hold your packages and mail as long as you need and you can call or email at any time and elect in your online account to have something re-shipped to you wherever you are. We will charge $15 plus the postage if you need this. UPS and FedEx both come to our office every day and provide us a greatly discounted rate due to our volume.

Typical postage fees for a box are:

UPS: Our preferred method. We get the best price from UPS. A typical box will cost about $10-$20.00 postage

FedEx: Very close to UPS, but about $2-$5.00 more expensive

USPS: If the box is small, we can re-package it in a United States Postal Service Priority Mail Express which will get your package in about 2-3 days, or save a little and use standard Priority Mail. Standard Priority Mail is always the cheapest option but the slowest. Usually about 4-5 business days. The Priority Mail Express is usually more expensive than FedEx or UPS, but sometimes UPS charges a LOT more for locations it doesn’t service very well, and if we find an unfavorable price from UPS, we can use Priority Mail Express for about $23.00

International: We typically see prices of about $30-$75.00 for international shipping from UPS.

Is Montana registered agent service different than mail forwarding?

Yes. As your Montana registered agent, we forward important items like service of process, Montana Secretary of State items, annual reports, Montana Department of Revenue notifications, DMV items, airplane registration documents, etc. Our Montana registered agent service only costs $49 a year and is all-inclusive with no hidden fees or forwarding fees. Additionally, if there’s something important that needs to come through, we don’t mind forwarding a particular item on to you with our registered agent service. We’re not here to nickel and dime you. Other MT RV registrations services might try to up sell a service like this to you when they form your MT LLC. This is totally not needed to form a MT LLC and register vehicles with our services. But a lot of you have asked for a solution to get all your other mail coming in one place. Mail forwarding is for individuals and business entities that need all of their mail forwarded, not just business notices.

How to get a Montana mailing address

Hit the order service button right below and place a registered agent service or a Montana LLC order. You may not really even need to pay us $99 a year and just might want to utilize our regular vehicle registration or registered agent service. If you’d like you can add the mail forwarding service onto either service offering.  You can also just place a stand alone service order for mail forwarding.