Montana Trailer Registration with the MT DMV

How to Buy a Trailer and Pay No Sales Tax

You can purchase a trailer for work or recreation and not pay any sales tax, if you use a Montana LLC to purchase the trailer and have the trailer licensed in Montana.

Many clients form a Montana LLC and buy a trailer with their Montana LLC to avoid paying sales tax and licensing it with the Montana Department of Motor Vehicles. Montana does not have sales tax. Montana has permanent plates for trailers, making it very cheap to license over the long haul.

How the Montana LLC Trailer Registration Works:

What we do is help you form a Montana LLC and maintain it, making the Montana LLC a resident of Montana, not you personally.  Your Montana LLC will be listed on the trailer registration, not you. You control the LLC, but you personally do not own the trailer.

Steps to Use a Montana LLC to Buy a Trailer Tax Free:

We operate here in Flathead County, Montana. What’s good about that? Flathead County does not have an excise tax on titled property. So, we provide you with an LLC office address, registered agent services, and act as a liason with the state to register your trailer and LLC in Montana. Your Montana LLC will be at our address, and your trailer will be registered to our address. Here’s the step by step process to buy a trailer without paying sales tax to Montana:

  1. Form a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  2. We will provide you with filed LLC documents, operating agreement, and resolutions documenting you, the members, sole authority to make decisions for the LLC.
  3. The LLC then purchases the trailer, and you have the power to act for the Montana LLC as the member.
  4. The dealer or you will mail us the trailer’s title.
  5. We will walk into the Montana Flathead County DMV and register your trailer the same day.
  6. We’ll overnight you your trailer registration.
  7. The trailer registration will come about 2-4 weeks later and we’ll scan a copy of it and mail it to you.

Long-term LLC Maintenance

  1. Maintain a Montana registered agent (we charge $49 a year) to provide you a physical address in MT at all times.
  2. Maintain your Montana LLC with the Secretary of State. It costs $20 a year and you can file online. We can file it each year for you if you’d like.
  3. You can always use your Montana LLC to buy a trailer, tow vehicle, airplane, or any kind of asset that can be titled.
Montana trailer fees are:
6,000 lbs or less: $61.25
6,000 lbs or over: $148.25

**We offer our full service trailer registration service for $400 and that includes the Flathead County DMV fee. We get your plate, registration, and title. We get it the same day and overnight back to you via UPS.

That means you can purchase a $50,000 trailer and only pay $150.00 to permanently license it in Montana under a Montana LLC for no sales tax.

Montana permanent trailer registrations are governed by MCA 61-3-321(3)(a-b).

We form Montana LLC’s for $300 in 1-3 days and act as your registered agent for $49.00 a year. To see the nuts and bolts of registering a trailer in Montana please see: Montana vehicle registration.

We’ll have you up and running in a couple days with your new Montana LLC and save you thousands. Plus when you go to sell the trailer you can just transfer ownership of the LLC with the MT SOS for $15.00 and you’ll be selling a permanently licensed trailer to your buyer.